(Singapore, 18 June 2016) – Dr. Ben Tan has been re-elected for another two-year term as the President of the Singapore Sailing Federation.

The Federation held its 50th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 16th of June. Four posts, including that of the President, were up for re-election.

Nominated by the Windsurfing Association Singapore (WAS) and Changi Sailing Club (CSC), Dr. Tan was the only nominee for the office of the President. Dr. Tan, who was first elected to office in 2010, said in his speech at the AGM that this would be his last term as President and that he needs someone to take over his position in two years’ time.

Ms. Mok Kah Mun was re-elected as the Vice President overseeing the Participation portfolio. Her nomination was proposed by the Windsurfing Association Singapore and seconded by the Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club (SAFYC). Ms. Mok also serves as the Chair of the Keelboat Committee. Increasing the levels of participation was one of the key points raised; affiliates were pleased that the Federation remains committed to the goal of bringing sailing to the masses.

Vice President overseeing Industry Development and Stakeholder Relations, Mr. Rodney Tan, stepped down from his post following the end of his term. He passes the baton to Stanley Chan, who was first appointed to the Executive Committee as a Co-opted Member in 2015. Chan, who also serves in the Participation Committee, was nominated by Changi Sailing Club.

Dr. Tan thanked Mr. Tan for his many years of service since 2010, and noted that he will continue to help shape the development of sailing as a member of the Keelboat Committee.

In his speech, Mr. Rodney Tan shared that it is “good” that there is “young blood” taking over. He added that it is necessary for old guards to give up their positions once they have done their work in order to make way for the next generation of leaders.

On top of his role as Vice President, Mr. Tan also served simultaneously as Secretary-General till January 2016. Tan Wearn Haw took over this role in January after stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of the Federation.

Ms. Pamela Goh, who was co-opted into the Executive Committee in 2015, takes over from Benedict Lim as Deputy Treasurer following the end of his term. Her nomination was proposed by the People’s Association Water-Venture. Ms. Goh is also one of the Media Advisors of the Federation, and is a member of the Audit Committee.

Lim will still continue to lend his expertise and knowledge to the sailing community as a member of the Character Development Through Sailing (CDTS) Committee to continue the work of the Federation in instilling strong values in the sailors in their pursuit of the sport.

Dr. Ben Tan reinforced the need to focus on the character development of sportsmen, in line with driving the strategic thrust of Grooming Sailors with Character, one of the ten thrusts of The Next Leg, the strategic blueprint unveiled in 2010.

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