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There’s something about sailing that makes it quite unlike other sports. More than just skill…

  Krai Sakda is a windsurfing coach from Thailand who has been with the Federation…

Gdynia, Poland, 17 July 2018 – Singapore sailors Daniel Hung, 17 and Simone Chen, 15,…

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16 hours ago


Last Saturday, on 16 March 2019, it was an honour for us to bring our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife, HO Ching out for a sail at Marina Bay, on the SM40. We are glad that they had a great experience sailing and that they enjoyed the sport, which is not only about racing but also about leisure and family time.

They sailed a “mini regatta” where they competed against several tertiary sailing teams - NUS Sailing Varsity Team, SMU Sailing, NTU Sailing Club and SP Sailing Club.

It was definitely a fun afternoon for all! 😎⛵️Marina Bay is one of our most scenic spots, but it’s even better experienced onboard a sailboat!

It was all smooth sailing on Saturday as our able skippers, Singapore Sailing Federation CEO Lim Han Ee, SSF member Rupert Ong, and 2015 SEA Games Gold Medalist Daniella Ng Hui Min steered our SM40 sailboat around the Bay. Ho Ching and I took turns to do two races with sailors from NUS, NTU, SMU and Singapore Poly. The young ones are definitely more adept sailors than we are! 🙂

It was great to take in the familiar sights of the Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, and the Esplanade from the water!

My outing was courtesy of the DBS Sailing at the Bay programme. DBS started this to give the public the opportunity to explore Marina Bay and try out sailing for free. Do give it try:

My thanks to DBS and SSF for hosting us! ⛵– LHL
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2 days ago


It is the first day of the Singapore Youth Team Racing Championships 2019 ⠀

We have 50 sailors from Singapore 🇸🇬, Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Thailand 🇹🇭 and United States 🇺🇸 forming 12 teams of 4s and 5s racing against each other for 2 days!⠀

View full album of photos here:

📸: @haw_lin @ National Sailing Centre
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5 days ago


"The Actxa Spur+ watch appears simple, with a sleek and tasteful design, but the quality and number of services the watch offers are quite remarkable. The watch offers multiple features, such as real-time step tracking, all day heart rate monitoring, workout tracking and most noticeably the VO2 max feature, which will help track how efficiently your body is using oxygen and is able to determine your fitness age in comparison to your chronological age. The higher the VO2 max reading, the fitter you are, and the lower your fitness age!

The Actxa Spur+ watch comes in a dark navy blue colour, with a gold buckle and colour touch screen display. The strap itself is quite thin and offers many different adjustable sizes and the buckle also ensured the watch did not come loose throughout the day, unlike previous watches which would normally come loose during vigorous training.

Overall, the balance between the aesthetic and functionality of the watch is definitely quite spot on, allowing it to be efficient yet fashionable at the same time!

Some of the major features for me were the all day heart rate monitor, workout tracking and the VO2 max.

Firstly, the all-day heart rate monitor allowed me to track and compare my heart rate at different points of the day, for example, the difference between my heart rate pre-training and post-training. It records your heart rate every 5 minutes, so there are a constant tracking and update of your heart rate throughout the day! It also helps to record your average, lowest and highest heart rates.

Additionally, the workout tracker allows me to follow up on my heart rate (and also the heart rate zones), distance covered, intensity minutes and calories burned during my workout/training sessions. During my session out at sea, it managed to record the specific moments I was working my hardest as well as the total distance I managed to sail in one session.

Not to mention the VO2 max feature, which is definitely a very cool feature to have. After 15 minutes of light jogging, the watch was able to track my true fitness age and my VO2 max. I definitely feel that this feature will help me and my coach track my overall fitness level and performance throughout the coming weeks.

Overall, the Actxa Spur+ surprised me by being comfortable, easy to use and also by offering a wide range of fitness metrics especially the VO2 max which is normally only found on expensive watch models. I am very excited to continue to explore the other features on the watch.

We’re proud to have the support of homegrown smart wearables brand @Actxa!

Sail on to check out the full Actxa collection here:

[Review by Youth Olympic Games #Nacra15 sailor Sophia Meyers Rose @sophi4_rose]

#Actxa #FitnessTracker #FitnessSG #FitfamSG #ActiveSG #SailforSG #VO2Max #moveit150 #BetterMovesBetterLives #SP
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7 days ago


We are conducting an Assistant Race Officer course on the 📢 16 March 2019 📢 at Singapore Sailing Federation. If you are interested to join in, please go to Event Smart to sign up. Here are some details.

Conducted by: Mr Peter Van Muyden (IRO from CAN)
Location: Singapore Sailing Federation at National Sailing Centre
Date: 16 March (Saturday)
Time / Duration: 10am - 5pm
Things you'll need to bring: Change of clothes, Water bottle, sunblock, note pad, Rule book, Compass (if you have one).

What are some of the things you'll learn:
- Basic Principles
- Rules in Sailing
- Terminology
- Regatta Organisation
- What a sailboat race is about
- The Race / Start
- Sailing the course / Finish
- Roles of the RC
- The Race Officer
-RC Volunteer
- Recorder / Recording
- Flag officer
- Timer
- Sound officer
- Line judge

.........and many other RC roles, so do sign up for the course.

The sign up link can be found here:
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