(Singapore, 22 June 2017) – The 51st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Singapore Sailing Federation (SSF) was held on the evening of 22 June 2017 at the National Sailing Centre. In attendance was the SSF Executive Committee, representatives from affiliated members and management staff of SSF.

Dr Lincoln Chee, who was previously a co-opted member, will take over the office of Deputy President from Dr Loh Kok Hua who served in that position for the past eight years. Mr Jevan Tan will assume the office of Vice President and will look after industry development and stakeholders relations. Outgoing Vice President Mr Rupert Ong, who served for eight years overseeing high performance matters, will continue to serve as a co-opted member. Mr James Tan also returned unopposed to office for his second term as the Honorary Treasurer.

At the AGM, the Executive Committee expressed its appreciation to the sailing community for their continued support and urged its members to embrace the new trends of the sport. Building on the solid foundation of its 51-year history, the sport has seen progress at all levels across the past year.

Commenting on the state of sailing over the past year, Dr Ben Tan shared, “It took 52 years of ‘doing the harder right, than the easier wrong’ to get to where we are today. The past year was a break-through one for the Federation – our sailors flew Singapore’s flag high at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, with a record breaking 10 sailors qualifying in 7 out of 10 events. This breadth of talent at such a high level positions us well for the next Olympic cycle. At the same time, we continue to refine our processes and systems to ensure effective governance and unity which are the envy of others.”

“We continue to see a quality cycle of sailing volunteers contributing to the sailing community and that has been the hallmark of our development. It is exciting to see how our succession planning and continual rejuvenation has progressively enhanced the quality of the leadership.”

New Vice President, Mr Jevan Tan, who is an avid sailor, first started sailing with his father at the age of 3. A retired banker, he now focuses his time on delivering sustainable projects for the youths of Singapore. Jevan commented, “Sailing holds a special place in my heart and I am honoured to continue my contribution to the sport in the capacity as a member of the SingaporeSailing Executive Committee. I will focus my energy to bring together stakeholders and partners, particularly those from the marine related industries to make sailing accessible to more people in Singapore and in the region.”

Mr Peter Lim was co-opted as Honorary Advisor for another term and continues to bring his vast experience and insights in guiding the Executive Committee. Mr Lim, himself a former President of the Federation in 1992, was formerly Chief Editor of Straits Times and also sailed around the world with the Clipper Round The World Race.

SSF Executive Committee – 2017/18
Dr Ben Tan – President
Mr Peter Lim – Honorary Advisor
Dr Lincoln Chee – Deputy President
Mr Stanley Chan – Vice President
Ms Mok Kah Mun – Vice President
Ms Jevan Tan – Vice President
Mr Tan Wearn Haw – Secretary General
Mr James Tan Teng Chuan – Honorary Treasurer
Ms Pamela Goh – Deputy Treasurer
Mr Rupert Ong – Co-opted member

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