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History: The Beginnings

Organised by the Olympic Council of Asia, the Asian Games is among the biggest multi-sport games, second only to the Olympic Games.

While its program largely mirrors that of the Olympics, the Asian Games add a distinctively Asian flavour with additions such as sepak takraw (Southeast Asia) and Wushu. The Games also reflects Asia’s richly diverse culture.

The first edition of the Games was held in New Delhi, India, in 1951, which saw 489 athletes from 11 countries competing in 6 sports.

Since then, a total of 17 editions have been staged, with the most recent held in Incheon, Korea, in 2014, which saw 3,678 female and 5,823 male athletes from 45 countries competing in 51 sports, a remarkable jump in scale from its early days.


History: Sailing at the Asian Games

Sailing was first featured as a sport at the 6th Asian Games held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1970.

It was not part of the program at the next edition of the Games, which took place in Tehran, Iran, in 1974, which would go on to be the only exception.

In 1978, sailing was re-entered and has been included in all subsequent editions of the Games, with yachting offered at some.

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Singapore: Our Presence

Singapore is among the 11 countries that competed in the inaugural Asian Games in New Delhi, India, in 1951, and has participated in every edition ever since.

We are proud to present our Asian Games medallists in yachting/sailing:


David Low
James Tham
YachtingFireball Class TeamSilver1970
Yeo See TeckYachtingMoth ClassSilver1970
Tan Swee HungYachtingOK Class (41.1)Bronze1978
Tan Kok Wah
Liem Keng
Loei Lewis
YachtingFireball Class (31.7)Bronze1978
Benedict TanSailingInternational Laser Class (17.4pts)Gold1994
Siew Shaw Her
Charles Lim
SailingInternational 470 Class (17.7pts)Silver1994
Siew Shaw Her
Colin Ng Wee Tai
SailingInternational 420 (Men)Gold1998
Joan Huang Shiqi
Naomi Tan Ai Ming
SailingInternational 420 (Women)Gold1998
Anthony Kiong Lye MingSailingInternational OK (Open)Silver1998
Charles Lim Yi Yong
Tan Wearn Haw
SailingInternational 470 (Men)Bronze1998
Roy Tay Jun HaoSailingInternational Optimist (Boys)Bronze1998
Tracey TanSailingInternational EuropeBronze1998
Teo Wee ChinSailingOptimist BoysBronze2002
Sarah Tan Wei LinSailingOptimist GirlsBronze2002
Joan Huang Shiqi
Toh Liying
Sailing420 WomenBronze2002
Tan Wearn Haw
Chung Pei Ming
Sailing470 MenBronze2002
Liu Xiaman Justin
Cheng Feng Yuan Sherman
Sailing420 MenGold2006
Soh Khyan Tat MaximilianSailingLaser MenGold2006
Tan Wei Lin Sarah
Lim Tze Ting
Sailing420 WomenGold2006
Cheng Xin Ru ColinSailingLaser 4.7 OpenGold2006
Tan Hsiao Loong Ivan
Wong Ming Ho Justin
Tay Renfred
Teo Wee Chin
Tay Jun Hao Roy
SailingKeelboat Match-Racing Beneteau 7.5 OpenGold2006
Xu Yuan Zhen
Terence Koh
Sailing470 MenSilver2006
Toh Li Ying
Elizabeth Tan Li Yong
Sailing470 WomenSilver2006
Koh Seng LeongSailingLaser Radial OpenSilver2006
Sean Lee Teik RenSailingOptimist BoysBronze2006
Chung Pei Quan
Melcolm Huang Jingjie
SailingHobie 16 – OpenBronze2006
Justin Liu Xiaman
Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan
Sailing420 MenGold2010
Rachel Lee Qing
Cecilia Low Rui Qi
Sailing420 WomenGold2010
Colin Cheng XinruSailingMen’s LaserSilver2010
Kimberly Lim MinSailingOptimist GirlsSilver2010
Dawn Liu Xiaodan
Tam Shiu Wan Siobhan
Sailing470 WomenBronze2010
Ryan Lo Jun HanSailingOptimist BoysBronze2010
Teo Wee Chin
Wong Ming Ho Justin
SailingHobie 16 – OpenBronze2010
Scott Glen SydneySailingLaser Radial OpenBronze2010
Jodie LaiSailingOptimist Women’s One Person DinghyGold2014
Kimberly Lim
Savannah Siew
Sailing420 Women’s Two Person DinghyGold2014
Maximilian Soh
Justin Wong
Andrew Paul Chan
Russell Kan
Christopher Lim
SailingJ80 Keelboat Match RacingGold2014
Priscilla Low
Cecilia Low
Sailing29er Women’s Two Person DinghySilver2014
Raynn KwokSailingOptimist Men’s One Person DinghySilver2014
Colin ChengSailingLaser Men’s One Person DinghyBronze2014
Low Jiayi
Jonathan Yeo
Sailing420 Men’s Two Person DinghyBronze2014
Cecilia Low
Kimberly Lim
Sailing49erFX Women's Two-Person DinghyGold2018
Ryan Lo Jun HanSailingLaser Standard One-Person DinghyBronze2018

Asian Games 2018

asian games 2018


The 2018 Asian Games is currently in action in both Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. The Singapore Sailing Team fielded 15 athletes to compete in 9 out of 10 sailing events and they are:

  • 49er
  • 49erFX
  • 470 Men
  • 470 Women
  • Laser Standard
  • Laser Radial
  • laser 4.7
  • RS:X Women
  • RS: One

The sailing competition is held at Ancol in Jakarta. You can catch the latest news and updates at our Asian Games microsite!