Corporate Sailing Programmes


Through our sailing programme, you will be able to develop a stronger bond among your colleagues and boost team spirit altogether, which will help improve team communication and productivity. Along with that, you are also learning about a new sport. We hope that this will spark your interest in sailing and you will continue to sail more.

  • promote team bonding
  • sailing requires teamwork, which will spirit and bond
  • picking up a new sport

Programme Itinerary

3.30pm   Upon arrival at the event venue, participants will be welcomed by the skippers for an Introduction to Sailing and safety briefing.


3.50 pm   The skippers will guide the participants in rigging up the sails, and then followed by a hands-on practice on tacking, gybing and race training, demonstrating how to get the most out of the racing yachts.


4.30 pm   The competition begins with a series of races (up to three).


5.15 pm   At the end of the exhilarating races, participants will be shuttle back to the pontoon.


5.30 pm   End of programme.

* The timings are just estimation.
* We would recommend to sail in the late afternoon, when the weather will not be too hot.




Venue Type of Craft Number of Participants per Boat Price
Marina Bay
70 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049323
SM40 4 From S$856
Raffles Marina
10 Tuas West Drive
Singapore 638404
SB20 2-3 S$535
National Sailing Centre
1500 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 468963
Pacer 2-3 S$535

*Prices inclusive of GST.