Marina Bay

Who we are
Marina Bay Sailing is the latest project by Singapore Sailing Federation to bring sailing closer to the city, and to the people! It is also about our efforts to unlock urban spaces in innovative and fun ways… And what better way than to sail in the city!

Why we do it
Because we want to increase the accessibility to sailing and inject vibrancy into the water spaces of our city. And of course, we are driven by our innate desire to share the joys of sailing… And also the experience of being afloat surrounded by Singapore’s skyscrapers and people!

How we do it
Hassle-free fun sailing… It has never been easier! We do it through 2 simple ways:

  • Step on, Step off
    Everything is ready to go, and all you need to do is to step on the boat and dock off. And once you are done sailing, just step off!
  • Plug and Play
    Simply plug in the sails and you are off!

Types of boats available:
SB20 – 20 footer keelboat & SM40 – 40 footer keelboat

SB20 – 20 footer keelboat SM40 – 40 footer keelboat

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Corporate Sailing Programmes – click here

DBS Sailing at the BayClick here

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