Announcement : Olympic Games Selection Policy

Article Date: 2024/01/27

We would like to remind all that the Policy and Guidelines for the Selection to SNOC of Singapore’s Sailing Team for the 2024 Olympic Games was released on 12th January 2024. The comprehensive document serves as the definitive roadmap for Singapore’s sailing community, delineating the criteria and procedures that will shape the composition of our esteemed Olympic sailing team.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these guidelines aim to ensure transparency, fairness, and excellence in the selection process. Athletes, coaches, and all stakeholders are encouraged to carefully review this document, as it provides invaluable insights into the expectations, qualifications, and standards that will define our representation at the 2024 Olympic Games.

Please take note that the deadline to register is on 31 January 2024. As we set sail on this exciting journey, may these guidelines foster a shared commitment to the pursuit of sporting greatness and the proud representation of Singapore on the international stage.

 Click here to access to the policy and registration details.