Back to more racing for Max Maeder

Article Date: 2023/10/05

The 19th Asian Games has not ended yet but Max is already back on water. As soon as he had spent a good weekend with friends and making public appearances upon his return from Ningbo, Max had to make his way to Lake Traunsee, Austria.

Photo courtesy of Sport Singapore/ Jeremy Lee

Speaking with reporters in Austria, the men’s World Champion said, “It was great to represent Singapore at the event, and an honour to compete there. Now it’s good to be back in Europe, back with my friends and competitors on the circuit and looking forward to racing again at Traunsee.”

The Riders will be competing in the next four days of freshwater competition on Lake Traunsee for KiteFoil World Series Austria and the event reaches its climax this Sunday 8 October. Look out for some updates in our Facebook page for some updates and results.