Racing in the Regatta Of Champions 2023 by Ethan Chia

Article Date: 2023/11/27

We had 3 Singapore sailors who were invited to participate in the Regatta of Champions which was held in Limassol, Cyprus.


According to the organizers, the idea behind the Regatta of Champions (R.O.C) is to gather the Top Sailors from around the world to participate in a regatta to get The Annual Champion of the Bests. Every year, and after the completion of all continental and World Championships an invitation will be sent out to the following sailors:-

Ten Top Sailors from the World Championship
Seven Top Sailors from the European Championship
Five Top Sailors from the North American Championship
Five Top Sailors from the South American Championship
Four Top Sailors from the Asian Championship
Four Top Sailors from the African Championship
Five Wild Cards will also be available across all championships around the world.

Amos, Nicole, and I were invited based on our ranking of the Top 3 Asians from last year’s Asians IODA event. A total of 45 top sailors from 18 countries participated in this event.

I believe that our team did fairly well, having 2 Singapore sailors in the top 11 positions as we were competing with the world’s best sailors across varying wind conditions from 5-25+ knots and choppy waters.

One key learning point that I learned from this regatta is that while every sailor is highly skilled and did well at the recent Worlds event, I proved that I could perform well if I had confidence and did not doubt my own capability. Thanks to SSF for their support of this event.

-photos courtesy of Mr Nikos Pantis, Official Photographer R.O.C