Safe Sport – Our Policy & Reporting Procedures

Singapore Sailing Federation (SSF) is committed to ensuring that all participants in its community play, practice, compete, officiate, work, volunteer and interact in a positive environment, free from harassment and abuse.

Our Safe Sport Policy seeks to ensure that all participants are aware of their rights, responsibilities and the standards of behaviour expected of those participating in our sport. It is our top priority to ensure that our sailors are going through their training or sailing courses in a safe environment. As part of our efforts to ensure this assurance, we encourage you to voice your concerns by reporting any incident that are of serious nature. SSF requires reporting of misconduct by sailors, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers.  We strongly encourage you to report your concerns that will jeopardise our mission to make sailing a safe sport for everyone. We encourage honest and effective reporting. However, please do note that making a false or vindictive report is a violation of SSF’s Code of Conduct. We want to assure you that Singapore Sailing Federation strictly adheres to the Safe Sport Commitment administered by SportsSG.

To obtain the Official Incident Report Form, click here. To further understand the incident reporting protocol, please proceed to the new Response and Resolution Process page by clicking here. For more information on Safe Sport Programme, visit the Safe Sport Commission Singapore at