Hi, Cecilia! Congratulations for winning the Bronze Medal at the Asian Games 2022.

1. How was this year’s Asian Games different compared to the one in 2018?

The Asian Games this year brought a heightened level of competition compared to the previous edition in 2018. The competition intensified as every participant had acquired more experience in their respective boats and benefited from the latest equipment changes following the Tokyo Olympics.

Additionally, the games offered a unique experience as they were held in an unfamiliar location. Sailing in this new area presented a challenge as we had to gain a deeper understanding of local currents and wind patterns as the event progressed. This combination of increased competition and a novel gaming environment made for a distinctive and demanding Asian Games.

2. Do you feel that you and Kimmy had ample time to train for the Games? Has the postponement caused any disruptions to the training plans?

We encountered some challenges along the way, particularly when injuries occurred. These setbacks forced us to take breaks from training, which unfortunately hindered our progress.