History: The Beginnings

Organised by the Southeast Asia Peninsular Games Federation, the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games was conceived with the purpose of fostering stronger regional ties within the Southeast Asian region. The first edition of the Games was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 12 to 17 December 1959, which saw 6 countries, 12 sports, and 650 athletes and officials. The Games is held every two years, taking place between the years of the Olympic Games and the Asian Games. Today, there are 11 members in the Federation: Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor-Leste.

Sailing at the SEA Games

Sailing was first introduced at the 2nd SEA Games in Rangoon, Myanmar, then known as Burma, in 1961. Subsequently, its appearance in the Games became intermittent.

Singapore: Our Presence


Singapore is among the 6 countries that competed at the inaugural SEA Games in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1959. In the 28th SEA Games which was held here in Singapore from 5 to 16 June 2015, Singapore topped the medal chart with a whopping 18 medals: 10 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze.

We are proud to present our SEA Games medallists in sailing:

SEA Games Medalists

1969 SEAP Games
David Lee Peng LockEnterpriseSilver
Ng Ser Miang
Joseph LoFireballSilver
Simon Ashworth
Jimmy Chua Gim GuanHalf RaterSilver
Tan Eng Huat
David LowOK DinghySilver
1973 SEAP Games
Jimmy Chua Gim Guan470Gold
Lock Hong Kit
James ThamBosunGold
Tan Eng Huat
Henry TangLarkGold
Julian Yeo
Yeo Ngak HoeOK DinghySilver
1975 SEAP Games
Jimmy Chua Gim Guan470Gold
Ng Kok Choy
James ThamEnterpriseBronze
Tan Eng Huat
Lock Hong KitFireballBronze
Tan Tee Suan
Julian YeoSuper ModBronze
1983 SEA Games
Khor Chek Leong470Gold
Siew Shaw Her
Edwin Low Boon AnnHobie 16Gold
Tan Tee Suan
Leow Cheng HongLarkGold
Lock Hong Kit
Tan Swee HungMaxi RacerGold
Wong Ming Chee
Simon Loh
David Lee Peng Lock
Ho Kah SoonMistral O.D.Bronze
Ramle Bin Mohd SallehWindsurferSilver
1985 SEA Games
Kelly Chan Kum SengDivision 1 BoardBronze
Ramle Bin Mohd SallehDivision 2 BoardBronze
Tan Yeok KeongEnterpriseGold
Tonny Tan
Siew Shaw HerFireballSilver
Tan Tee Suan
Tan Swee HungOK DinghySilver
Michael Tan Kim NeiSuper ModSilver
Chua Tan ChingWindgliderSilver
1987 SEA Games
Joseph Chan Khun Sing470Gold
Siew Shaw Her
Choo Tze WeiCadetBronze
Paul Khor
Lorgan WongDivision 1 BoardBronze
Kelly Chan Kum SengSemi FunboardSilver
1989 SEA Games
Siew Shaw Her470Gold
Wong Chiu Yin
Kelly Chan Kum SengDivision 1 BoardGold
Ramle Bin Mohd SallehDivision 2 BoardSilver
Tan Yeok KeongFinnSilver
Khor Chek LeongFlying DutchmanGold
Loey Ah Chee
Benedict Tan Chi LoongLaserGold
Tan Tee SuanLaser 2Bronze
Joseph Chan Khun Sing
Ng Xuan HuiOptimistBronze
1991 SEA Games
Tan Wearn HawOptimistSilver
Anthony Kiong Lye Ming420Silver
Oliver Kiong Chye Ming
Joseph Chan Khun Sing470Silver
Siew Shaw Her
Sandrick BehDragonBronze
Tan Tee Suan
Wong Ming Chee
Benedict Tan Chi LoongLaserGold
Ng Xuan HuiOptimistGold
1993 SEA Games
Anthony Kiong Lye Ming420Gold
Colin Ng Wee Tai
Ng Xuan Hui420Gold
Wong Yi Lin
Charles Lim Yi Yong470Gold
Siew Shaw Her
James KiongJ24Bronze
Leow Cheng Hong
Loh Kwan Boh
Tan Tee Suan
Wong Ming Chee
Benedict Tan Chi LoongLaserGold
Tracey TanLaserGold
Edwin Low Boon AnnNacra 5.0Silver
Tan Wearn HawOptimistBronze
Kelly Chan Kum SengRaceboardBronze
1995 SEA Games
Naomi Tan Ming Ai420Bronze
Wong Maye E
Charles Lim Yi Yong470Gold
Siew Shaw Her
Pamela Goh Ai Cheng470Silver
Tracey Tan
Anthony Kiong Lye MingFireballSilver
Oliver Kiong Chye Ming
Benedict Tan Chi LoongLaserGold
Stanley Tan Kheng SiongOK DinghySilver
Aida KhalidMistral O.D.Silver
1997 SEA Games
Colin Ng Wee Tai420Gold
Khor Teck Lin
Joanne Lock Mei Lian420Silver
Wong Maye E
Anthony Kiong Lye Ming470Gold
Siew Shaw Her
Tracey TanEuropeGold
Charles Lim Yi YongFireballSilver
Tan Wearn Haw
Choo Tze WeiHobie 16Bronze
Stanley Chan Hian Gee
Stanley Tan Kheng SiongLaserSilver
Joan Huang ShiqiOptimistGold
Koh Seng LeongOptimistSilver
2001 SEA Games
Ou Dahui420Silver
Roy Tay Junhao
Joanne Lock Mei Lian420Bronze
Toh Liying
Chung Pei Ming470Gold
Tan Wearn Haw
Naomi Tan Ming Ai470Bronze
Wong Maye E
Stanley Tan Kheng SiongLaserSilver
Siew Shaw HerLaser 2Silver
Terence Koh Seng Kiat
Chrislin Lee Tan LinLaser RadialSilver
Rachel Charis Ng Khee HuangMistral O.D.Silver
Andrew Foo Toon Moh
Jonathan Seng Hui KhiamMistral O.D.Bronze
Sarah Tan Wei LinOptimistGold
Justin Tan WeizhengOptimistSilver
Lei Feng YangOptimistSilver
Melcolm Huang JingjieOptimistSilver
Teo Wee ChinOptimistSilver
2005 SEA Games
Dawn Liu Xiaodan420Gold
Siobhan Tam Shiu Wun
Justin Wong Ming Ho420Gold
Xu Yuan Zhen
Teo Wee Chin
Terence Koh Seng Kiat
Toh Liying470Gold
Tok Lee Ching
Chung Pei Ming470Silver
Roy Tay Junhao
Tan Wearn HawFormulaBronze
Chung Pei QuanHobie 16Silver
Melcolm Huang Jingjie
Maximilian Soh Khyan TatLaserGold
Lo Man YiLaser RadialGold
Griselda KhngOptimistGold
Sean Lee Teik RenOptimistSilver
2007 SEA Games
Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan420Gold
Justin Liu Xiaman
Jovina Choo Bei Fen420Silver
Sara Tan Li Ching
Dawn Liu Xiaodan470Gold
Elizabeth Tan Li Yong
Chung Pei Ming470Gold
Roy Tay Junhao
Jonathan Russel ChewHobie 16Silver
Low Wen Chun
Koh Seng LeongLaserSilver
Siobhan Tam Shiu WunLaser RadialSilver
Joshua Choo Meng KeongMistral O.D.Bronze
Rachel Lee QingOptimistGold
Daniella Ng Hui MinOptimistSilver
Darren Choy Wong LoongOptimistSilver
Luke Tan Yi Hao
Russel Kan Tsung LiangOptimistBronze
Alvin Chong Jin YuanMatch RacingBronze
Alvin Hong Kwong Kin
Justin Tan Weizheng
Justin Wong Ming Ho
Wilbur Chan Jun Kun
Lo Jun HaoSuper ModSilver
2011 SEA Games
Elisa Yukie YokoyamaOptimistGold
Victoria Chan Jing HuaLaser RadialGold
Terence Choo Jian JieLaser RadialBronze
Dawn Liu Xiaodan470Gold
Sara Tan Li Ching
Russell Kan Tsung Liang470Gold
Terence Koh Seng Kiat
Audrey Yong Pei LinRS:XSilver
Leonard OngRS:XBronze
Amanda NgMistral O.D.Bronze
2013 SEA Games
Edward Tan Yi ZhuOptimistGold
Jen E Tan420Bronze
Jonathan Yeo
Joel Pang Wen Jie470Bronze
Darren Choy Wong Loong
Scott Glen SydneyLaser StandardBronze
Wallace GanRS:XBronze
Fathin Rasyiqin Binte Mohamed FirdausOptimistGold
Savannah Siew Kiah Hui420Gold
Kimberly Lim Min
Cecilia Low Rui Qi470Gold
Priscilia Low Rui Xi
Elizabeth Yin YuelingLaser RadialGold
Ynez Lim Si YingRS:XSilver
Edward Tan Yi ZhuOptimistSilver
Fathin Rasyiqin Binte Mohamed Firdaus
Bertha Han Jing
Raynn Kwok
Isaac Tang Wei Ren
Stanley Chan Hian GeeHalf RaterBronze
Anthony Kiong Lye Ming
2015 SEA Games
Koh James Kia LerTeam Racing Optimist (U16)Silver
Koh Yi Nian
Lai Jodie Xuan Yi
Yazid Muhammad Daniel Kei
Toh Daniel Ian
Cheng Colin XinruMale Laser StandardGold
Chin Bernie Cheok KhoonMale Youth Laser Radial (U19)Gold
Chan Stanley Hian GeeMale Fleet Racing KeelboatGold
Kiong Anthony Lye Ming
Ng Colin Wee Tai
Choo Jovina Bei FenFemale Fleet Racing KeelboatGold
Lam Peiyi Terena
Liu Xiaodan Dawn
Ng Daniella Hui Min
Chan Jing Hua VictoriaFemale Laser RadialSilver
Ong LeonardMale Windsurfing RS:XSilver
Yong Pei Lin AudreyFemale Windsurfing RS:XGold
Choy Darren Wong LoongMale 470Gold
Yeo Jeremiah
Toh Daniel IanMale Optimist (U16)Bronze
Lai Jodie Xuan YiFemale Optimist (U16)Gold
Lau Matthew Scott WenjiangMale Youth 420 (U19)Silver
Loh Jia Yi
Chan Stanley Hian GeeMale Match Racing KeelboatSilver
Kiong Anthony Lye Ming
Ng Colin Wee Tai
Cheng Colin XinruMale Team Racing Laser StandardSilver
Lo Ryan Jun Han
Sydney Scott Glen
Neubronner Samantha AnnabelleFemale Youth 420 (U19)Gold
Yokoyama Elisa Yukie
Khng GriseldaFemale Skiff 49erFXGold
Tan Sara Li Ching
Choo Jovina Bei FenFemale Match Racing KeelboatGold
Lam Peiyi Terena
Liu Xiaodan Dawn
Ng Daniella Hui Min
Chan Jing Hua VictoriaFemale Team Racing Laser RadialSilver
Goh Jessica Kai Ling
Yin Yueling Elizabeth
Radiance Koh Ru YiOptimist GirlsBronze
Max Victor Teo Li ChenOptimist BoysBronze
Finian Lee Tze YangOptimist Team RacingBronze
Muhammad Daniel Kei
Ron Koh Jieran
Radiance Koh Ru Yi
Max Victor Teo Li Chen
Jodie Lai Xuan Yi420 GirlsSilver
Evangeline Tan
Wong Riji420 BoysBronze
Koh Yi Nian
Nicole Lim Si NingRS:One FemaleBronze
Jillian Lee Sook YingLaser RadialGold
Simone Chen WenqiLaser Radial Team RacingSilver
Jessica Goh Kai Ling
Jillian Lee Sook Ying
Bernie Chin Cheok KhoonLaser Standard Team RacingGold
Ryan Lo Jun Han
Mark Wong Vinn Howe
Ryan Lo Jun HanLaser Radial MenGold
Elisa Yukie Yokoyama470 WomenGold
Cheryl Teo

A Glimpse into the Future: What Lies Ahead?

The next edition of the SEA Games is set to be held in Clark, The Philippines from 29 November to 10 December 2019. The hosting rights were originally awarded to Brunei Darussalam before the country withdrew.

The Selection Policy for sailing at the SEA Games 2019 is already out! Do check it out!