Singapore successfully hosted the 2016 Emerging Nations Programme (ENP) for the Asia and Oceania region from 20th-25th August 2016. Singapore was identified by World Sailing to host one of four worldwide programmes to assist in the development of sailing globally. Earlier in the year, Singapore hosted the 2016 edition of the World Sailing Development Symposium from 2nd-4th February at the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI).

The ENP attempts to narrow the performance gap and promote worldwide competition for countries that are in the development stage of sailing. This programme, held in four regional clinics around the world, is an intensive clinic with a strong focus on coach performance, sailor ability and national training scheme development.

In Singapore, participants were trained by a team of 3 Regional Development Coordinators from World Sailing together with guest trainers, sports scientist from the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) in sailing-specific knowledge of nutrition, psychology and physiology. This high-quality curriculum provided unique and applicable knowledge for the sailors and coaches.

A total of 26 participants, consisting of sailors and coaches, from 10 nations, namely Chinese Taipei, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa and Vietnam attended the ENP. To gain more sailing experience, sailors from 5 out of the 10 countries stayed back for the locally organised Pesta Sukan Regatta.

Athletes who show potential will be selected for more in-depth and centralised global training in the coming months with the ultimate goal being the Youth World Sailing Championship coming up this 14th-20th December 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

“I have learnt a lot of things that I did not know previously,” said 15-year-old Nurul Hanis Binte Mohamed Razali from Malaysia. “This programme allowed me to meet new people, form more friendships and learn from different cultures. I hope to be able to sail more in the future after knowing what I learnt here.”

This also provided a valuable opportunity for Singapore Sailing to showcase its training facilities and sporting infrastructure. The hosting of this ENP fully demonstrates the capability and protocol that Singapore has in place to be a training centre for World Sailing.

“It has been a really successful course over the last few days,” said Andrew Clouston, World Sailing Nominated Expert and Regional Development Coordinator for Oceania. “The ability of the sailors has really jumped up from when we started till today when we finished our last race. We have also been able to train the coaches which will allow the transferring of knowledge back in their home nation.”

Joseph Chan, World Sailing Regional Development Coordinator for Asia and Head of Training Development of the Singapore Sailing Federation, said, “It is extremely valuable to have SingaporeSailing host such an important event on the World Sailing calendar. This ENP has shown how Singapore is keen to play its part in promoting a global ecosystem of providing sailing opportunities for all. We look forward to have similar opportunities not only to develop the next generation of world-class sailors, but to engage and build friendship internationally.”

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