About spexCarding

1. Purpose
To support  athletes  that  the  National  Sports Associations  (NSAs)  have  selected  to contribute to the NSA’s high performance sporting goals as documented in their Multi Year Sports Plan (MYSP).

2. Criterion and support
a. Athlete’s eligibility for spexCarding
b. SpexCarding Framework
c. Types of support for carded athletes

3. Carding status and period
spexCarding is an annual exercise that runs from April to March of the next year. For carded athletes, the in-principle carding level is published in the athlete’s profile on SportSync.

4. Criterion for maintenance of carding status
a. Attendance records must meet our minimum requirement
b. Updating of ActiveSG and SportSync accounts
c. Sailors must sail the same class throughout the period they are carded for

5. Medical clearance
The sailor’s participation in the spexCarding Programme is subject to their being certified medically fit to participate.

6. Team Singapore Rewards eCard
This eCard entitles Team Singapore athletes to discounts not just within Kallang Wave Mall but online as well. 

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spexCarding Support Schemes

spexTAG (Training Assistance Grant)
A training grant to help E1 to E3P and Y+ carded athletes defray training costs, such as personal training equipment/apparel, expenses for public transport to and from training venues and meals.

spexGLOW (Grant for Loss of Wages)
For Enhanced Carded athletes who are employed full-time and are unable to secure Full-Pay Unrecorded Leave (FPUL) from their employers, this can provide an opportunity to receive financial support during periods of full-time training and/or centralised training stints.

spexMedic (Medical Insurance Coverage)
A medical insurance policy that covers accidental injuries sustained during national training and competitions both locally and overseas. 

NS (National Services) Privileges
Emplacement on the Sportsmen Scheme allows Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) athletes to apply for FPUL or TO (Time Off) to train for the Major Games and other international competitions.

SSSM (Sport Science and Sport Medicine)
The SSI or NYSI Sport Science team commits to help athletes optimise their performance through direct application of leading-edge science, performance testing and monitoring, applied research and education.

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The Sports Excellence Scholarship (spexScholarship) provides an enhanced level of support for athletes within the High Performance system (HPS) pathway.  This includes financial and programme support to prepare athletes to excel at the Major Games at Asian and World levels.  Besides developing the athletes sporting potential, the spexScholarship will also assist athletes in their education, career, and personal development with the aim of developing role models for Singapore’s youth and playing leadership roles in their respective communities.

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