Support Schemes

In addition to the support that High Performance provides to our sailors to achieve their sporting goals, there are a variety of support schemes such as awards, scholarships and grants from different government bodies that athletes can directly apply for themselves. 

You may write in directly to the various supporting organisations for any clarifications on the schemes or drop us an email at

singapore olympic foundation peter lim scholarship

In June 2010, the Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) set up the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship with a S$10-million donation from philanthropist and sports enthusiast, Mr Peter Lim. The gift remains the single largest donation in Singapore from an individual towards sports development.


The driving force behind the Scholarship is the desire to ensure that no promising young athlete, committed to chasing his sporting dreams, should be hampered by financial considerations.


The Scholarship aims to:

– Help young deserving sports talents from humble backgrounds to achieve their sporting goals; and

– Support under-18, high-performing athletes to pursue sporting excellence in their chosen fields.


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joseph schooling sports grant

The Eurasian Association (EA) set up the grant after Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The grant recognises the achievements of Joseph Schooling, and aims to inspire young Eurasians to strive for sporting excellence. The grant would primarily serve to defray training and/or equipment costs that might be incurred in pursuit of sporting excellence.



Secondary 4 O-level, N-level, ITE, Polytechnic & University Students.


Quantum Cap:

There will only be a cash award of S$5,000 to the most deserving applicant.
Recipients may re-apply for renewal of the Grant in the next year, but will be subjected to the selection process along with fresh applicants. 


Eligibility & Conditions: 

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yayasan mendaki awards

Yayasan MENDAKI awards Singaporean Muslim students who have done exceptionally well in their non-traditional fields by conferring them an award.


1) Anugerah Belia Cemerlang (ABC) MENDAKI (MENDAKI Youth Promise Award) 

The ABC awards 4 scholarships to Muslim students, aged 18 to 35, enrolled in a course of study beyond traditional academic areas, such as in the domains of sports.  The award is to help Muslim youths with potential in diverse fields beyond traditional academic areas to further develop themselves and realise their potential.


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2) Special Achievement Award for Excellence (SAAE) (Non-Academic)

The SAAE (Non-Academic) recognises the achievements of Muslim youths, aged 14 to 25, in non-academic fields.


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national university of singapore sports scholarship

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Sports Scholarship is awarded to highly-talented individuals who possess outstanding academic and sports participation and representation records. NUS Sports Scholars are uniquely well-rounded individuals who are committed to bring NUS Sports to greater heights. 


Interested NUS athletes should submit one common scholarship application to NUS to be considered for both tiers of the NUS Scholarships, the NUS Sports Scholarship and the NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship.


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