SG-Coach Level 1 (Full Integration) Sailing Programme


SG-Coach Level 1 (Full Integration) Sailing Programme

SG Coach Level 1 (Full Integration) Sailing Programme

Welcome to our comprehensive coaching course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a coach in the world of sailing and water sports. This course is structured to provide you with a well-rounded education in coaching philosophy, sports science, and practical coaching techniques A sailing coach plays a pivotal role within a sailing federation for several important reasons:

1. Skill Development: Sailing is a complex and technical sport that requires a high level of skill and expertise. A sailing coach helps athletes develop and refine their sailing skills, including boat handling, navigation, tactics, and strategy. Through targeted coaching, athletes can reach their full potential and compete at the highest levels.

2. Safety: Safety is paramount in water sports like sailing. A coach ensures that athletes are well-prepared to handle various weather conditions and emergencies on the water. They teach safety protocols, monitor weather forecasts, and provide guidance to ensure that athletes can sail safely.

3. Talent Identification and Development: Sailing federations rely on coaches to identify and nurture talent. Coaches scout for young, promising sailors and guide them through the developmental stages of the sport. They help athletes progress from beginner levels to elite competition, contributing to a strong talent pool for the federation.

4. Strategic Planning: Coaches are essential for developing training plans and competition strategies. They analyze race conditions, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and develop tactics to give their athletes a competitive edge. This strategic planning is crucial for achieving success in national and international competitions.

5. Motivation and Mental Toughness: Sailing can be mentally challenging, especially during long regattas or adverse conditions. Coaches provide emotional support, motivation, and mental toughness training to help athletes stay focused, resilient, and perform at their best under pressure.

6. Technical Knowledge: Coaches possess an in-depth understanding of sailing equipment, rules, and regulations. They ensure that athletes are well-versed in the latest sailing technologies and rule changes, which is vital for staying compliant with federation and international standards.

7. Team Building: In team sailing events, coaches foster teamwork, communication, and collaboration among crew members. They facilitate a positive team culture and help resolve conflicts to ensure a harmonious and effective sailing team.

8. Representation and Advocacy: Coaches often serve as advocates for their athletes within the federation. They represent the interests and needs of their athletes, ensuring they have the necessary resources, facilities, and support to excel in the sport.

9. Long-Term Development: Coaches play a crucial role in the long-term development of athletes. They provide guidance on career planning, athlete transition, and life skills that extend beyond the sport, ensuring that athletes have successful futures both in and out of sailing.

10. Promoting the Sport: Coaches are ambassadors for the sport, helping to attract new participants, sponsors, and fans. Their dedication and expertise contribute to the growth and popularity of sailing, benefiting the federation as a whole.

In summary, a sailing coach is an integral part of a federation’s success. They contribute to athlete development, safety, strategic planning, and the overall growth of the sport. Their expertise and guidance are invaluable in nurturing talent, achieving competitive success, and promoting sailing within the federation and the broader community.

Course Syllabus

Course Content
  • Administration Overview & Competency Assessment
  • Module 1: Coaching Philosophy and Practices
  • Module 2: Sport Development System
  • Module 3: Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Module 4: Safe Sport and Water Sport Safety
  • Module 5.1: Anatomy and Physical Preparation
  • Module 5.2: Strength and Conditioning (Children and Adult)
  • Module 6: Biomechanics and Technical Skills (Science of Sailing)
  • Module 7: Sports Nutrition
  • Module 8: The Theories of Coaching
  • Module 9: The Coaching Process
  • Module 10: Building Positive Culture in my Sport
  • Module 11: Coach Fundamental Sailing Skills
  • Module 12: Overall Assessment

Course Details

Course Duration:

6 full day sessions. Full attendance is mandatory. 

Upcoming Course Dates

Course Dates for 2023

Intake #1 : 6th – 8th and 13th – 15th October.

Intake #2 : 17th – 19th and 24th – 26th November.

Intake #3 : 11th – 15th December.

Course Location

Singapore Sailing Federation
1500 East Coast Parkway
National Sailing Centre
Singapore 468963

Cost Information

S$800* – price inclusive of GST

To register for the course, click here. 


Welcome to our coaching course! Before you can embark on this exciting journey to become a certified coach, there are some essential prerequisites you need to fulfil. These prerequisites ensure that you have the necessary qualifications and skills to excel in the course and ultimately become a successful coach. Please carefully review and fulfil the following requirements:

1. Age Requirement:

You must be 18 years of age or above to enrol in our coaching course.

2. First Aid Certification:

You must possess a valid First Aid Certificate that includes CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training. This certification is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes and participants.

3. PPCDL (Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License):

You must possess a valid PPCDL as it may be required for specific coaching activities related to water sports or other relevant sports.

4. Proficiency in Sailing/Windsurfing:

You should be proficient in either sailing or windsurfing, and you must possess a minimum of SSF Proficiency Level 1 or an equivalent qualification. This proficiency level ensures that you have a solid foundation in the sport and can effectively coach others.


Document Verification:

Please note that you will be required to submit the aforementioned documents during the course registration process for verification. Ensure that you have digital or physical copies ready for submission.


SportSync ID:

You are required to have a SportSync ID during the registration process. If you already have an existing SportSync ID, please enter it in the designated field. If not, leave it blank, and our team will assist you in creating one during the registration process.

Exemption Requests:

Participants have the opportunity to submit evidence to request exemptions from certain modules within the course. The following terms and conditions apply:

SG-Coach Theory Modules and Foundational Sports Science Modules:

Exemptions will be granted as per guidelines issued by SportsSG-ED (Sports Singapore – Education and Development). Please consult these guidelines for specific criteria.

NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Programme):

NCAP is still recognized by SportsSG-ED, and you may request exemptions based on your NCAP qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Experience/Competency:

If you believe you have relevant prior experience or competency in coaching or sports-related fields, you can request exemptions. Candidates will be assessed based on the evidence submitted and may need to demonstrate their competencies.

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