National Sailing Centre, Thursday, 15 March 2018 — The second day of the Singapore Youth Sailing Championship 2018 proved to be an equally good day of racing with more stable, albeit lighter, winds.
“The wind conditions were quite light, the wind was about 8 knots and was quite stable,” said Laser 4.7 sailor Daniel Hung.

Daniel Hung, who is currently leading the Laser 4.7 fleet.

He had wrapped up the first day of racing in second place overall, but his consistent performance on Day 2 saw him overtake initial leader Australian Boston Cortis. Boston eventually had to settle for seconds.
“My mindset was just to focus on my races and to be consistent by finishing within the top five,” added Daniel, who went on to win Race 7.
This is a crucial regatta for Daniel and his Laser 4.7 teammates, as it is one of two qualifying events for the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The next qualifying event would be the Singapore National Sailing Championships 2018 in June.
The strong currents – which plays an especially crucial role in tactics here in Singapore – also posed a challenge to the sailors.

Singapore optimist byte

Jodie Lai won Gold in the Optimist class at the 2014 Asian Games. She is pictured here with teammate Raynn Kwok and Coach Fernando Alegre. Raynn is currently leading the Byte fleet.

“The current was a big factor at the start of the day. It was quite strong for the first race so it pushed a lot of people were over the line,” explained Laser 4.7 sailor Jodie Lai, the youngest ever Asian Games Gold medallist in 2014.
Over at the Charlie Course, Raynn Kwok was leading the Byte fleet.
“I made a few careless mistakes today but I didn’t give up and continued to give my all during every race,” recounted Raynn. His perseverance certainly shone through, as he posted four top ten finishes, including two second places.
Despite holding his lead after two whole days of racing, he remains slightly anxious about the upcoming races.
“I feel nervous as tomorrow is going to be a completely different day with different racing conditions,” said Raynn.
Racing is going according to schedule, with the Optimist Gold fleet beginning their Final Series on Day 3.
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